I want to make a hardcopy at runtime of my active form like this

PrintForm1.Print(Me, PrintForm.PrintOption.FullWindow)

It Prints , but i cant get the printer to rescale the screen to fit on one A4
Does anyone knows how to make the screen fit on the page ?

Set the height & width of your Form.

You mean , i have to maken my form smaller to make it fit ?
I cant , its full !

Or do you mean i can set the hight and width in the print command ?

And i think it must be possible to Make a full screen (1024*768) fit to one A4

I don't think you can use a PrintForm control to automagically resample the image to a different size. Are you ok with trying another approach or does it have to be a printForm?

Well i dont mind doing it in a other way.
But im still a bit off a noob in vb.
So i hope you can help ?