I am using textpad to create my java programs because I had a problem with downloading java and setting the path in order to use it with notepad. Can someone tell me what this error mean? I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that I am not using notepad with the latest java download.

Uncaught error fetching image:
at sun.awt.image.URLImageSource.getConnection(URLImageSource.java:99)
at sun.awt.image.URLImageSource.getDecoder(URLImageSource.java:113)
at sun.awt.image.InputStreamImageSource.doFetch(InputStreamImageSource.j
at sun.awt.image.ImageFetcher.fetchloop(ImageFetcher.java:172)
at sun.awt.image.ImageFetcher.run(ImageFetcher.java:136)

from what i can tell it isnt because you are using notpad. I think its because you are referencing something that isnt there. The only time i get that error is when i leave an action listener in for a button that i have deleted or something like that. If you gave us your code it would be easier to tell what the problem is

Can you post the whole stack trace?


It means that you are trying to use something that is null. At the stack trace you will find somewhere one of your classes mentioned. Go to that line and there something is null