Hello every1, my problem is how to remove controlBox of MDI child.
i mean that i already set MDI child:
ControlBox to False
minimizeBox to false
MaximizeBox to flase
set windowstate to maximized
formborderstyle to fixed3d

When i open the form in MDI Parent, all the button minimize, maximize, exit appear
Here's a preview:

MDIPARENT - [MDIChild]-->___________ - []X
MDIChild -----> ____________________- []X (This is the part that i want to remove)

hope understanding

Please help

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Set Following properties:
Form2 is a MDI Parent form so set

IsMdiContainer = True

Form3 is Child

Form3.ControlBox = False
        Form3.MaximizeBox = False
        Form3.MinimizeBox = False
        Form3.MdiParent = Form2  ' or Me

still the same. It show the controlbox again

Will you post the section of code you wrote?

frmWatch.ControlBox = False
        frmWatch.MaximizeBox = False
        frmWatch.MinimizeBox = False
        frmWatch.MdiParent = Me

We are missing something? I am attaching code.

but the windowstate is not maximize

only setting the control box to false should solve the problem

i already try not working, may be there is no solution.

Do not set windowstate property for child window.

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