Hi everyone,

We are learning MIPS at one of my classes and in the book there are some exercises, but I'm having problem with one of them. It is a buggy code and we are supposed to find the cause of an exception.

# This code is supposed to calculate A*X + B
# for N values of X

# A and B are in $a1 and $a2, respectively
# the X values and N are in the data segment
	li $a1, 3
	li $a2, 4
	la $t0, N
	la $t1, X
	lw $t2, 0($t0)

	xor $t3, $t3, $t3
	xor $t4, $t4, $t4

loop:	addi $t2, $t2, -1
	blez $t2, exit
	lw $t3, 0($t1)
	mul $t3, $a1, $t3
	add $t3, $a2, $t3
        li $v0, 4
        la $a0, outputMsg
        li $v0, 1
        add $a0, $0, $t3
        li $v0, 4
        la $a0, newln

	add $t1, $t1, 1
	j loop

	jr $ra


N:	.word 4
X:	.word 12, 14, 16, 18
	.asciiz	"\n Result = "
	.asciiz "\n\n"

I tried single stepping the code, and the exception seems to happen always when executing this instruction after the first loop.

lw $t3, 0($t1)

Whats wrong with $t1?

Thanks for the help.