I am a total beginner that happens to own a copy of visual studio pro 2005. Would like to get a glue as to how to get the basics and advance myself. Is there anything on the daniweb site to guide novices to at least get a concept of how to proceed? No time to take a course at the moment. Looking for a way to self teach.

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If you are a total beginner, the book "Visual Basic 2005 step by step" by Microsoft Press is very good. I used that (but the 2002 version) to teach myself.



Beginning Object-Oriented Programming with VB 2005: From Novice to Professional by Apress is a very good book. Actually had it sitting right here on my desk when I saw this question. You may be able to find a more up to date edition.


Much thanks for the response. As I search for this book please note that I have since been given a copy of VS 2008 Team Suite. My project would involve smartphones. I have downloaded the SDK for mobie 6. I would like the smartphone take note of unique sequences of 'pushed buttons' to perform specific tasks. How much of a project am I looking at? I can find no literature on how to commence on such an effort. Much thanks for any informed guidance you can provide.

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