I was wondering how I could use the graphics type effectively in C.
I have seen games created in C.
How is that practically possible?

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If you looking for the info on game programming more precisely you
can ask this on game programming.

And generally in C , we take generally graphics ( nt game programming) ,
are you done a computer graphics subject or learned elsewhere ?
If not first go and download some MIT free leactures on "Computer Graphics" , it will cover the basics. Then as a starter you can deal with
OpenGL or PHIGS. Study about 3D rendering pipeline, and then so and so you can start other industry demanded technologies , like XNA , DirectX ... and bla bla bla.

FIY I just studying "computer graphics" in this semester and have no
industry level experience. I suggest you to put this post on Game Development section in our Dani Forum.


may be these leactures and slides will be helpful for you if you nt done a general computer
graphics course. Before starting programming a complex game you should cover the basics.
This is the basics. The basic things include how the graphic pipeline is working , how the line
drawing algorithms are working and bla bla things.... and MIT also contains some free
course ware , just search on gogle.

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