Hey all,

I'm doing my final year in collage and have come up with an idea of using rfid readers and chips to track peoples movement within a defined zone.

I've been told that i will be using JBoss but that hasn't been nailed down yet. What i need help with is what other programming language i should be using with this. I need a language that is very graphicial that could be using to map out the floor plan in a very presentable manner.

From what i know from just checking on the web is that silver light and javafx keep poping up. Also i know java itself has graphics functions but i dont think they would be as powerfull as the others(open for correction).

Also just to let ye know JBoss hasn't been pick yet so open for suggestions on this. (Just to muddy the water a bit more :) )

Thanks alot to all who viewed

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VB6 is the last I used Visual Basic but feel it would be very usefull, Java is mostly a databasing and command-line language from what I have seen so far but am not experienced enough to give a definite answer.
but I feel if you are using Microprocessors and controllers you are best using C as this can be ported between the various architectures.
if this is just a visualisation for studnets, look at Java, VB or possibly Python.
any corrections to any post I have, please pm me as I am here mostly to learn but like helping wherever I can

Thanks for your reply 0805638. I've programed with c as well in fact this year i'm using c in an opengl module and a real time system module. It's good but i prefer the more modern languages myself(java,c#). I've used java for just over 2 years, so there wont be any problem there(hopefully)

I'm going using jboss to set up a receiving socket for all the rfid reader scans that are sent and store and manipulate in the database.

But for the web based front end for all this data i want to create the floor plan of my scanning area and nice graphs for presentation purposes . I'll also be adding other functionallty as i go. My floor plan once designed will be populated with data collected for the rfid readers. i.e. how many times a certain person entered a room. Or follow a person around the floor plan for a day to see where they went.

But my main question now is what programming language will offer me the greatest ability to graphic present these ideas?. I myself am thinking( silver light or javafx) But am unsure. I need a little guidance.


I thing that java is the best choise for the mobilit devices

For me it probably would be as i have more experience with java. But i want to do this right and dont mind using an other language if it is the right path to go down.

I just need help in choosing which is the right path for me to go down.


Anyone willing to give me a few points on my problem here. I would appreciate it very much. At the moment i think i will just stay with the java. But would like to know what everyone else thinks


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