I need to add a message to a picture and i have no clue of whats wrong with my code. i will post my code

public class Lab6bthoma21

     public static void SimplePicture (String[] args)

       System.out.println("Begin Java Execution");

       //Java Program

       //Prompt user for a picture and open that picture
       String openFileName = FileChooser.pickAFile();
       Picture pict = new Picture (openFileName);

       //add message to picture
      addMessage(java.lang.String Why is this so confusing,
                       int xPos,
                       int yPos)


What is this? "addMessage(java.lang.String Why is this so confusing,
int xPos,
int yPos)"

java.lang.String why is this so confusing does not mean anything. And if you are declaring a method, you cannot do so inside another method. 'main' is a method. You can only declare methods inside of your class.