I'm writing an client application (not web , just program which sits on the local computer) and also a web server. The application should send a request to the server with parameters (for example: fname="david", lname="cop" , etc.) . the server should read the parameters he was received from the client and according to it, send back other parameters to the client . Then the client should read the parameters and do what ever he need acording to it .

I have found a lot of code examples on the net , but I couldn't decide what is the best method to do it . Also I didnt found full code for both client application and web server. I don't prefer not use web sevice beacuse I passed only simple parameters. But from the other hand I wad it to be secure (but not https).

I think the best way is to use the webrequest or maybe webclient , and to pass a XML between them. but i'm not sure how should i do it.

Can you please give me a simple example of code to the whole proccess , both the client side , and server side.



I recommend using XML Webservices, it fits your case.

As i said i dont want to use web service (too much heavy for this case),
I nead the code to post information to the server, anlyse it in the server , send respose , and anylze it in the client.

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