I have a 1TB Maxtor Basics external hard drive. After a power cut, I lost access to the entire data in it; I couldn't see the drive in my computer but the system was slowing down and getting stuck about every 10 seconds periodically. First I tried running CHKDSK.EXE, but it didn't work, it gave the error message "Cannot open volume for direct access.". This message is given when you try to fix a non-existing drive. Soon I came to a conclusion that the partition table and/or master boot record could be damaged.

I installed one of those partition recovery software, "Active@ Partition Recovery 5.3". After a little analysis I saw that I was right. The master boot record was damaged. I read the documentation and FAQ of that program which suggest to fix master boot record first in this kind of situations. I did so, and fixed the MBR. After that, I saw that the previously existing partition was gone, and it is said to be "Unallocated Partition", (i.e; there is no partition apparent). Unfortunately that software had no partition recovery feature, so I had to do something else.

Next I installed "Paragon Partition Manager 10.0". It gave the exact same report as the previous tool did (the MBR was okay (since I recovered it by the previous tool) and the partition was "unallocated"). But, there happened to be a bigger problem. When the program tries to access this damaged harddisk, it gives a read-write error message every 5 seconds. A popup dialog box appears and informs about the R/W failure. There are three buttons on this dialog: Retry, Ignore and Cancel. If you click retry, popups appear forever, so I clicked "Ignore" for 30 or 40 times (it takes 40 x (5 sec) = 3 minutes of tedious work) before doing any harddisk operation (getting harddisk report, etc; even while starting the software). I tried recovering the partition, so it started to scan the harddisk. The bad thing is that there wasn't any end to those popups during the scan, I clicked them for half an hour and the progress-bar didn't even color up! So I gave up using this software too.

Now I need some advice and instructions from you to recover my harddisk.
1) Do I lose my harddisk contents if I create a new partition (and then use an unerase/file-recovery tool)? Or should I find and install another partition recovery software? Which one is the best solution for my problem?
2) What software do you suggest for such a situation?

I will purchase a UPS soon...
Any help or suggestion will be super greatly appreciated.


perhaps give this a try. I have not used it before but have used other software from them and its free. Can't hurt too try.


perhaps give this a try. I have not used it before but have used other software from them and its free. Can't hurt too try.

I am taking professional support on this issue and my HDD is still on the repair. According to their report, HDD heads was broken. Therefore, there is no software to save my data since this is a hardware issue.

Last thing to say:
It is a faulty product and most people is suffering similar problems.

I accidentally wiped a drive for about a second till I jerked the power cord.
But it was too late. So I used (Virtuallab-data-recovery) and found everything I needed to save but its not free like it said it was. So I'm going to try RECUVA.
There also is DTI's dtidata-partition-recovery-tool but when executed its permanent which scares me...

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