actually I am new comer in C programming environment. The general C language has been completed by me. I want to learn visual or hardware level programming but I have no reference for that.
anyone who knows good book, link, or any material related to visual or hardware programming. than please help me.
I have waste lots of time on Google but the result is nothing.

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You'll need to learn assembly, if you want get to the raw hardware level of programming. Assembly is easily integrated into most C compilers.

Truthfully, I think you have much more to learn about general programming and the realm of the C language, before you aim towards hardware. As well, it also depends on what you mean by "hardware programming", you may want to clarify that term.


hello sir
thanks for suggestion,
I know very well that, I am newbie programmer and truthly I have to learn lot of things but, I am asking a guidance that helps me in learning.
If you know a good book or any material that can help me, than please send me their links or names.

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