Hi !!!
My project runs fine but sometimes it gives some debug error when I click keyboard keys very fast(randomly),backspace key ,delete key etc.....
But the error do not occur always but it occur all of a sudden anytime.
I do not know why I am getting this error.
The error which i am getting is attached in the thumbnail............
Kindly help me because this debug is rare but it is a very big problem........

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Can you upload your application? Those two errors appear to be 2 unqiue error types, not a single cause. One obviously is running out of memory and I don't know what the cause of the second one is off hand.


Thanks for your reply ...............
My application is attached here..........
When you will run the application , just delete the text and click on fraction button , and try to write inside brackets that appears in textbox.Then occurs the error which I have mentioned..............

Kindly provide some solution.........


That is a bug in the library you are using. If you clear the text and and then type { it will crash the application. The only thing you can do is make sure the equation is well-formed before you pass the parameters off to the library. You should also submit a bug report upstream to the library's publisher.

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