There is a lot of code - so I have attached the entire thing as a zip file.
This is for a function plotter.
Basically, I need to track the changes in the root window size so I can resize the canvas and redraw all the plots.
I'm very new to Tkinter (this is a 1st year uni course for software engineering) and I'm struggling on how to obtain a width/height of the main window. I've set master.geometry("800x600") so I know it starts off at 800 and 600 - but I cant follow these changes.

Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. I think that if I recoded PlotApp and put everything in a frame that fills and expands and then tracked that frame I could do it- but is there an easier way because I think if I had to do it that way there would be a lot of recoding.

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I'm trying to determing the width and height of the window with the title "Function Plotter".

I want to expand the canvas and redraw the plots when the window is resized.

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