has anybody here used the free Oracle 10G database with VB6??

if so, is it easy to setup?? is the connection string similar to an MS Access connection string??

I have heard it is probably the best database.

Yes oracle 10g is the best database from oracle (11g already released, but i am yet to use with VB).
It is very easy to setup and use .
You only need to change the connection string . Try this sample connection string.

Provider=MSDAORA.1;Password=debasis;User ID=debasis;Data Source=das;Persist Security Info=True

ok and thanks.

I have not installed oracle on my computer yet. I only have 1GB of memory. I am going to add 1GB within the next week or so.

thanks again

1 GB of ram is enough for installing Oracle 10g.

ok and thanks for the info.

the Oracle website was not clear on details, actually it is rather cryptic.

2GB will assure no problems. I will not only have Oracle running but I will have VB runing also, along with many forms & modules.

will Oracle work similar to Access inside the VB environment?

thanks again.

There will be no differeance for VB. As i told earlier you only need to change the connection string. In oracle you can create procedures and functions and execute them from Vb also.

ok and thanks.

someone on another forum said that it takes a lot to get Oracle setup on a computer, is this true???

will the free version come with the ability to create a blank database and setup the fields????

Setting up oracle for personal use is pretty easy . If you are going to use that for the purpose of a realtime database server then you need to be an expert . Since you are going to use the free version no need to bother about all that.

I do not understand what you are trying to say. does Oracle take a lot of maintenance??

If Oracle cannot be setup and ran without constant issues then it is not for me, or anybody as far as I am concerned.

No maintanance at all if using for personal use.
If it is live definately needs maintanance.

No maintanance at all if using for personal use.
If it is live definately needs maintanance.

what di you mean by "Live"

Live means if it is a production database or multiple users are working on it and the database contains some critical data which is important to any organization.

I am sorry but I still do not understand.

What do you mean by "production" database?

In my situation, most of the users would just be viewing data and maybe 2 inputing data.

there might be a record that would be edited by a 3rd person once in a while.

the Db is used for tracking reports on various things that happen.

There won't be much problem for maintaining such a database.

ok and thanks.

what happens if the db is never maintained? will it crash??

my problem is that most of my customers are not computer savy so whatever I do it has to run on its own.

Any database needs some maintenance speciallly in the multiuser environment.

Ok and thanks for the information