Well hi all again, This one have to be Ez for most of u guys.

Im posting some thread peace per peace to finish some features to my program.

well whats the code that when i open my program i cant open it again.
like Example: LOL.exe when i open that program and its already open i cant open it it have to say like This program is already open. or something like that.

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Ok if i didnt explain right then here it goes another example.

if i open my App and its Already Open it wont open the one that i try to open because is already open

sorry for my english or something.



I think you want to code which allows single instance of an application. Please take a look at this article - http://www.codeproject.com/KB/vb/sing_inistan.aspx

Yes thank you i for got about that, so ima add you a reputation for now, now i need that when they try to open other a msg box pop up.

:) thank you

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