I have developed two large VB 6 programs and apparently and unintentionally developed one as a Project Group rather than a stand alone Project. As A group I have problems that all releases of the program seem to be altered each time I make a development change, which I dont want. How can I remove the current release out of a Project Group. The non group project does not make changes to past releases of the program. Reference to a book would suffice. makybe.

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Look at where you have saved your files. You should see a *.vpg, and one or more *.vbp files. the *.vpg is the group while the *.vbp are the project files. To access just the project, double click the *.vbp file.

Good Luck

Thanks will check this out but believe I could not find a .VBP extension, but will look again. makybe

Thanks will check this out but believe I could not find a .VBP extension, but will look again. makybe

In looking at your suggestion when I search the directory I get the lines below.

< Directory of C:\Program Files\MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO\vb98

13/10/2009 04:18 PM 93,683 CVTABFAC430.frm
13/10/2009 04:18 PM 6,832 CVTABFAC430.frx
26/09/2009 03:52 PM 45 CVTABFAC430.vbg >

No .VBP files are present in the above.

When I load the program cvtabfac430 AND SELECT pROJECT EXPLORER I see in the window:

Project Group - CVTABFAC430
Project1 (CVTABFAC106.VBP)

As I did not intentionally want to create a group ( probably hit the wrong key as the keys < Make .EXE > and < Make Project Group > are vertically next to each other.

IT would appear that all releases of the program between release 106 and 430 are the same, mirror images or very close as all releases before 106 are .VBP programs; and the size of the later releases .FRM file (above 93,683 ) is large enough to be the .VBP file, but unsure if that is the case.

I believe a similar problem occurrs in C++. So it is not an easy thing to unscramble. A book reference will probably be needed, although the resolution may be very simple in the end but I don't want to remove one project and find that I may have lost more than I bargained for. But thanks for your help. Makybe.

Well if that is where you saved them, you should find a single *.VBG and two or more *.VBP files plus other files like, *.FRM, *.FRX, *.BAS, *.CLS and so on.

BTW: I did not say remove, just double click on the proper *.VBP file

Good Luck

Directory of C:\Program Files\MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO\vb98
1. Thanks for insight and when I DIR for an unrelated program which is not part of a GROUP I get the following components, and yes there is the required .VBP module line 2. So no problem there and when I make modifications I get the ability to SAVE or SAVE AS.

14/10/2009 11:21 AM 155,869 VBFZREAD956.frm
14/10/2009 11:21 AM 688 VBFZREAD956.vbp
15/10/2009 06:57 AM 50 VBFZREAD956.vbw

2. When I carry out a DIR on the problem project, CVTABFAC430, I get the following and it is clear that NO .VBP module appears, and that is because it is part of this grouping which I believe I do not need, unless a GROUP becomes the only alternative once a foreign OLE Module is introduced and accessible from the Screen form,( and this OLE module happens to be a compiled Quickbasic Program ).

13/10/2009 04:18 PM 93,683 CVTABFAC430.frm
13/10/2009 04:18 PM 6,832 CVTABFAC430.frx
26/09/2009 03:52 PM 45 CVTABFAC430.vbg

3. I somehow believe it is linked to the earlier version CVTABFAC106 and when you list the directory you get the following and yes it does have a .VBP module, third line. I believe this is linked because this is the first project that became a group, and from that time it could only be saved as < SAVE PROJECT GROUP >, or < SAVED PROJECT GROUP AS >, the drop down menu does not give you the ability to SAVE or SAVE AS. And in my previous post I mention that CVTABFAC106 appears IN THE VB 6 DROP DOWN SCREEN once you select PROJECT EXPLORER, even though I have loaded CVTABFAC430 to run.

03/01/2007 07:44 AM 52,379 CVTABFAC106.frm
03/01/2007 07:44 AM 152 CVTABFAC106.frx
24/09/2009 07:51 AM 777 CVTABFAC106.vbp
14/10/2009 03:18 PM 50 CVTABFAC106.vbw

As the project works well I have no real problem only shocked that I find I have no FALL-BACK position if the latest change to the program is replicated through all modules that are somehow grouped together. This is a disastrous situation in any critical or real time application where the need to revert to an earlier version is mandatory once a program is in a PROJECT GROUP. Now I know that VB 6 and Quickbasic are outdated software, but there again so nearly am I also. Thanks for your help. makybe.

Received this from West Aussie and will attempt this solution.
I don't quite know what is causing the problem; so the only real
suggestion I have is to take a copy of the "working" variants you want,
and create a whole new project and import the copied objects, modules
and codes. This is almost always the way I work with MS VC++ in VS6 as
it does some "unusual" things with projects too.

Have been busy on other matters and just getting back to this one which is still unresolved.
Apparently what I need to do is separate the FORM part from the CODE part in the module CVTABFAC430.frm which is 93,683 bytes in size. I have been able to exttract the CODE and save it as a .VBP module now what I need to do is extract just the FORM part from the existing .FRM module. Any guidance will be welcome even if it is just a book name that covers form and code handling. Cheers

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