Hey guys,

This is my first post here :)

I have to compare to strings and then continue on with the loop..

void HighScore::removePlayer(const string& name)
        int i,j = 0;

cout<<"Attempting to remove  " << name<<endl;
        while (i<d_nPlayers)
         if (d_players[i].name==name)
             cout<<"Found :  " << name<< "at slot: " << i <<endl;
// I never reach this loop

I did a quick search on this forum and tried using the strcmp() included in <string.h> but that didn't work either. I got error message "no function call to .... "

I'm guessing it's because one of my strings is a constant string instead of a CHAR? I don't know...

Any help is appreciated.

Lol... I found my problem after reading the code on this forum! "int i , j = 0" ooops.

Anyway..is there a reason why I can't use strcmp ? Just for future reference...

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d_players is an array of structures

structure contains

name : string
score : long

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