I have a program written using Borland Builder C++. When ever I try to close the program, either by closing the form or having a button close the form, I get an access violation error.

The error says:
access violation at 0x41301e73: write address 0x1b50a18(this value changes)
89 02 89 50 04 5B C3 8B 00 89 02 89

Borland usually pops a screen with some assembly code on errors. When I get this error, the highlighted code says:
41301E73 mov [edx],eax

Does anyone know what could cause such an error? Is there a way to locate the source of the error from this information?


more than likely attempting to write beyond the bounds of an array. Locating the error in large programs can be difficult. One method I have used is to comment out large blocks of code until the problem goes away.