I have a 10x10 matrix.basically this matrix is a square of 50 cm.and In this square we cut circles of diameter 5 cm each.The x and y co-ordinates are specified.I need to fill the martix depending on the circle it represents(with the help of given x and y co-ordinates).

I thought of keeping two counters to increment for the x and y co-ordinates of a specified circle.Like,i kept 'm' and 's' as two pointers for comparing the value of given x and y co-ordinates respectively.but its not working..
can u plz help?

Provided us with the code you have already.

m and s as pointers? do you mean index variables?
Why would you cut a square into circles?
Your analogy is very confusing seems just like to me you need to produce a matrix with 5 rows 10 columns. Clear things up and provide some code.