I am trying to write a program that is a statistical calculator. The way i have it set up is that you press the enter data button and it asks you how many numbers you want entered by inputbox then it proceeds to take the numbers one by one by inputbox. The problem i am having is that i dont know how to take these numbers and then have then printed in the "input" textbox. I have attached a pic of my program to give you some idea of what im talking about.

Dim N As Integer
Dim i As Integer
N = InputBox("How many numbers need entered:")
        For i = 1 To N
            number(i) = InputBox("Enter number" & i & ":")

i have no idea what to do...

1. You are assuming your client is honest. It is safer to set up a string variable, verify What you get is numeric before going on.
2. Arrays are zero based indexes. You should start at 0 to N-1 and make sure N-1 is less than or equal to the declared value of your array.
3. You don't give your client an opportunity to change his/her mind and not give you N answers.
4. Finally to answer your question. txbName.Text = answer.ToString()