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I'm working on a multimedia project that involves capturing images from a web cam, analyzing pixels and playing some audio.

I got a hold of some sample code that plays audio and reads images using DirectX, but I was really disappointed with the stability of the application overall (perhaps bad sample code? not sure...). This was in Visual C++ too. I think I'd like to do it in C#.NET or Java.

Does anyone have any library/API recommendations for the following:
- capturing images from a web cam. I've never done this before programmatically...
- reading pixels from graphic images (captured images)
- playing mp3 files; possibility for fade in/fade out would be ideal

I've done the research, but I thought I'd get your feedback as well in case you've actually worked with them. Even if not, feedback is still very much appreciated!

Thank You,

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as far as playing MP3s go best .net solution I have found is a free library from here http://www.ambiera.com/irrklang/ its called irrklang and works great and is simple to use, comes with examples. That's what I use in my apps.

as for capturing video you have to programmatically build a "graph" that tells the system what device, what input, and what codecs to use. Its complicated and I don't have any working examples I could share.

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