hi, i have an assignment due after 4 hours
i'm willng to pay money for solving the assignment
here is the assignment link
row data: SNIP
i'm serious about paying money
and here's my email: SNIP

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Seriously? You know it wouldn't hurt if you read the rules once in a while.

Did you read this in your assingment ?

Although it can be helpful to you to discuss your program with other people, and that is a reasonable thing to do
and a good way to learn, the work you hand in must ultimately be your own work. This is essential for you to benefit
from the learning experience, and for the instructors and TAs to grade you fairly. Handing in work that is not your
original work, but is represented as such, is plagiarism and academic misconduct. Penalties for academic misconduct
are outlined in the university calendar.

I'm a teacher, so I can't approve. It's also against the law.

it's worth 6 percent of the whole course
and i got no other choice

Oh yes, you've got another choice. Use your brain.
This assignment is fairly doable and, if you search this forum or others, you'll find plenty of ways to do it.
I'm afraid that your post shows someone that doesn't want to bother with this assignment. I'd be interested in knowing why you think someone else would bother to solve it for you.
You say you would pay for that. How much would you do ?
Be serious. I can't imagine one here would ask for being paid for that as it would take less that 30 mn to do the whole stuff.

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