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does anyone know how to do the program that are more or less like peteranswers??

This is the website which has been using to trick people...

and this is the secret :

i'm just wondering if i'm capable to do just a simple program that is similar like this?
and how to do this if i could?

thank you 4 answering...

Not very difficult. It's far harder to pull off the trick as the person typing in the question.

But you're in the wrong forum. It's definitely not C++. Go to "View Page Source" and you'll see that it's in Javascript and hence you'll see the full source code, or at least the full source code minus any imported scripts. It's been a while since I've played with Javascript, but since it's client-side, you can download the whole page and turn off your internet connection and successfully run it locally on your machine, so you have the full source code, so you can pick it apart. If you have questions, ask in the JavaScript section.

You could certainly also write this as a non-web-based application in C++.


its easy ive made this program 2 years before in c++.... i will have to find it again and i will post u that ...
give me ur email address


here is an offline version I made it using c#

I see exe files, but no code. This is a programming forum. Are you going to share the code?

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