Hi, I made a new topic so it will not confusing.

I want to ask how to unload sub menu ?

for example, usually if we had sub subname() then we can just call it by subname()

But then how to unload/not load that subname()
is it possible ?

Because I use TabControl and it has 2 TabPage
So, I set when tabpage2 were selected then load editsub()
but then what I want is
When I was in TabPage1 edit button clicked, it will unload editsub() and it will load anothersub()

Because right now, whenever I clicked edit, it still load the editsub() not anothersub()..

I hope my question is not confusing..

should I attached the program and the code?
Just want to know how to unload the sub before i load another sub

Yes that is a bit confusing, attaching the code would be helpful.

Ups I'm sorry, my bad..
I could just make it easier hahaha.
I just added disable / enable code and my problem solved.

Anyway I want to ask again
What is Refresh() use for ? for example if I use it on ListBox2.Refresh()

Will it refresh my data after I edit the name / I add new name ?

I tried but nothing happen, so I just re-call the sub.
Is it a good idea ? because when I load from database seems like my computer feel a bit lagging.

NO, there should be no reason whatsoever to call refresh. That only redraws whats already in there. If retrieving new data from the database is what you want, you have to requery the database.