hi, I've recently downloaded Java on my computer I think I downloaded the "windows app" one. When I try to launch drjava, this errors pops up and it says:
An error occurred in Dr Java:
You may wish to save all your work and restart Dr Java.

I've downloaded it on my other computer and Java opens fine.
How do i fix this? I tried redownloading it a couple of times.. it still doesnt work.

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I'm afraid you are going to have find a support link at the site from which you are downloading.

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:sigh: Take a look at the left-hand side of the "drjava" page. Do you see the bold heading "Feedback"? What is directly under it? You see that? It is the word "support". OMG, It's a link! Maybe clicking that will help.


I did try clicking it... duh.
It still doesn't work, it gives another link about the downloads. and i redled a few times..


Then you seemingly missed the "support request" link on the next page, duh!

Stop making things up, either that or actually open your eyes when you look at the web sites.

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