I'm having trouble understanding why I can't seem to access a dict object of a class once the class instance is referenced through a dict of instances. If that makes sense at all ;)

I have a simple class containing only a dict called index.

class Node:
    def __init__(self):
        self.index = {}

I'm creating a dict of nodes by name, in this case the name is a number string.

INFILES = ["log.csv"]
    INNODES = ["2","3"]
    INPARAMS = ["v","g"]
    nodes = {}
    for nodestr in INNODES: #create dict of nodes
        newnode = Node()
        print nodestr
        print newnode
        print newnode.index
        nodes[nodestr] = [newnode]
    for n in nodes:
        print n
        print nodes[n]
        print nodes[n].index

But when I print out the index after adding to the dict I get a reference to a list object not the original dict.

<myModule.Node instance at 0xb7e46bcc>
<myModule.Node instance at 0xb7e46d0c>
[<myModule.Node instance at 0xb7e46d0c>]
<built-in method index of list object at 0xb7e4622c>
[<myModule.Node instance at 0xb7e46bcc>]
<built-in method index of list object at 0xb7e4654c>

I must be missing something :(

Ah, got it:

nodes[nodestr] = [newnode]

Should be..

nodes[nodestr] = newnode

That's what you get for copying something off the web...:$

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