For some reasons I'm getting no data populating in my crystal report. I have set the datasourse of my crystal report to the dataset. I filled my dataset with data straight from the database. My dataset is not empty, I always check it first before populating data to the my report. I built my crystal report off the wzard and I did add crystal report viewer. Please help.

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When you created the report using the wizard, did you point it to a database or directly to your typed dataset (.xsd file)? Im wondering if the report is somehow attempting to pull the data from the db rather then use the dataset set being passed to it. Either way I cant really tell without some examples to see exactly what you have done.



i had the same problem in populating data in crystal reports... but i was using c#.net.. here's a link of msdn.com page... just follow the steps in the tutorial accurately... it shows method of binding crystal reports with an object , ado.net and IReader... my problem was solved by IReader method so better try that one first...


Best ov luk :)

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