I need my program to play a collection of mp3 files from 1 specific directory when i press a button. Ive never programmed with music before so would like some pointers if possible!

for example when i press button1 i need the mp3 files in c:\music\folderone to start playing through and repeat if possible. I dont need any stop buttons, fast forward etc, just this one button that starts all the tracks playing one after the other.

Is something like this possible? I really hopeso cos its for my disabled brother so i need it as simple as possible ! so far ive got the command button with a picture of the cd cover on it hopefuly i want to press that button to start the music playing

Any help is much appreciated :rolleyes:

Ok, Just Make Sure That You Copy The Files PlayMP3.ocx, Playmp3.oca, and PlayMP3.lib into your windows\system32 folder. Then, You can run the .exe from anywhere. I've also included the source code for the mp3 player, so you can modify it/play with it at your own will. Hope this helps you in your endeavor. If you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to ask.