Hey, anyone can plz help me out!!!!!
i hav a tabpage on a form n on its click event i want to call the tabpage of another form (like frmcut.tabcontrl.tabpage1).
But i dont know how to do it????
so plzzz help me...

It seems to me you need to define "event" in your first form and use

AddHandler firstForm.<EventName>, AddressOf secondForm.<TabSelectProsedure>"

You have to run RaiseEvent <EventName> when tab in the first form was selected.


i didnt understand exactly wat u r saying n how to addhandler???
plz be more specific.

hey, anyone plz help me!!!! i really need to solve dis problem
so plz whoever has any idea let me know!!!!!!!!!!

frmcut.tabcontrl.SelectedTab = frmcut.TabPage1