hi, all i need to add combobox in datagridview.
actually i have 3 fields in database which are
Sid Fee status
what i want to add combo column in field [status] with two option PAID or UNPAID which a user can select and update it .
i am all clear with filling the datagridview from database and updating but only problem is adding a combobox in third field that is status.

i tried it with this

Dim combo As DataGridViewComboBoxColumn 




above code add the column with combobox but not with field status but as a fourth column which i does not require i need to add it at third field . i am sure you guys can help.
thanks in advance

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Take a look at code snippet,

Dim dt As New Data.DataTable
        dt.Rows.Add("A", "Paid")
        dt.Rows.Add("B", "Unpaid")

        DataGridView1.AutoGenerateColumns = False
        DataGridView1.DataSource = dt

        Dim Name As New DataGridViewTextBoxColumn
        Name.DataPropertyName = "Name"

        Dim Status As New DataGridViewComboBoxColumn
        Status.DataPropertyName = "Status"


Hi, i have a similar problem as i want to use a combo box to display all the information of a particular album(DVD or CD) which i use to link to my database and to click the search button to display the relative information about the album.

However when i load the form, it does not show the information. how can i display my information of my album using a combo box and datagrid?

I have attached to zip folders;
1. PDL Testing SQL(My database)
2. testing forms pdl(My project the form is called"Search collection test.vb") Thats what my question is all about.

Thanks God Bless

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