I develop the app, that must be binded to hardware-specific information.
This is a part of license protection scenario.
The serial number of motherboard must be obtained.

How to do it under Windows ?

From another CG thread:

Try calling IWbemServices->GetObject(...) using "Win32_BaseBoard.Tag=\"Base Board\"" as the class name.

Do you have a network card? Check here.

Unfortunately, these methods are getting not true MAC address. I can change it via Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter settings - Right click on adapter > Properties > "Configure" button > tab "Advanced" > choose "Network Address" and change it.

After changing the MAC by hands, the apps in the tutorial and even Win API functions will return that address.

But, it must be some function, that returns true, hardware MAC address ...

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Unfortunately, these methods are getting not true MAC address

try this:
go to the command prompt n type


this should tell u ur true hardware mac address.. it worked for me, the mac address will be given under something like "physical address"..

cheers :)

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