Hello every one..
I want to do the following with my form:
when application is installed , it has no icon on desktop
(it doesn't appear)
instead when you pass the mouse at the edge of your screen
a small icon will appear .. by clicking on it the application would appear in the middle of the screen .. by closing the form it would disappear again..(like web camera application installed on our laptops if u can imagine)

i know this is related to controlling sizes and locations
but i tried to make the size so small and location as wanted
but for the size , to make it so small i had to set FormBorderStyle
property yo None .. (and i need it to be FixedSingle)

and it doesn't look good to be professional
I thought i may find a more suitable way to do it

Any ideas ..?
Thanks in advance

Make a splash that remains open. Set the form border style to none and make it completely transparent. Set the height to full screen and make the width about the same as the scroller bar on Firefox on IE. Trigger a mouse over event to fade in a picture box with the programs icon inside (using timers and picturebox opacity). When the user clicks it, set the form to hide and open up your main form.