I've got a project running at school where I've got to create Pacman, everything is going great. But I want to load an image to use as ghost, background or pacman.
Currently it's a square which is pretty stupid.
But how can I convert the image from jpg, gif or so to somthing that I can load into a piece of memory and than copy to the video memory to draw it instantly.
My teacher said something about raw which contains all the values of the pixels, but I don't really get it. Is there some kind of program that will convert it for me?



You can call APIs in your OS to display images, or you can link up to some C libraries, maybe just link to some OpenGL libraries.

Maybe I forgot to mention, the OS we've got to work on is a simulated 8086 machine in Dosbox. And we're not allowed to use other languages than assembler. So no if's, conditionals or c-code, just pure assembler.

I dought DOSbox has an API for displaying jpgs. Just convert all the image files to raw images, or just pixel paint some images.