In my project I am using vb6 and Oracle as backend.
I am using Combo box and Item data (Name as display and id in itemdata)
Now I am faceing problem. The Master records has grown 10,000 records.
When I populating records from recordset it needs more than 1 to 3 min.
Please help me to populate the records faster way.

Thanks in Advance

Re: VB Combo Population 80 80

I'm willing to bet that the 1 to 3 minute loading process is due to the exchange of information on the back end. I'm not blaming Oracle, I'm blaming VB in the way that it works with Large amount of information. As for the speed in loading your combo box, you could consider using the API. You could use SendMessage, and there are a lot of windows messages for working with combobox's with the API. You would Need CB_ADDSTRING, in conjunction with Sendmessage. However, the speed increase would only be in transfering the data to the combobox, NOT in your application recieving the data and firing events to let you know it's there. Also, the speed increase may not be significant enough for you to alter your code for it's use.

The bad news, is that with that many records, the query process, along with other types of data retrieval and use, quite simply will take a long time. I wish the best of luck to you in your attempts to resolve this issue, and please, should you find a method of speeding up the process, post it so that we know how you did it.

Re: VB Combo Population 80 80

Thanks Comatose.
I have implemented this (SendMessage - API) and now the speed is increased.
Now Less than 1 min (9 to 15 sec only). I am wonders how fast the speed of the Combo increased after implemented the API.

Thanks & Regards

Re: VB Combo Population 80 80

I certainly didn't expect it's speed increase to be that much. Congrats on getting it to work faster than before, and should you need any help in the future, just ask.

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