hai ,

i am doing my final year project work. It is about buliding an Interactive voice response system. I have chosen VB and Oracle 8i as my tools. i want to know whether i can develop an implement an IVR using Vb 6.0 or not.

If so how to develop that. Wat all are the hardware and software components. please reply to this mail as my date of submission is getting closer.

There are controls for voice recognition with VB6. You have to download these controls. here is a page that has such a control:
or for using the microsoft voice recognition control:

In order to do what you want to do without using a 3rd party tool (which I'm guessing is the case) you'll have to research API calls. The API may not be able to help you, with visual basic, either, since a lot of API calls require the use of pointers, a data type not support with visual basic. You may have to look at coding the IVR backend in a language like C, and then make the front end visual basic. If you don't think your prof would mind, I would use a third party tool.

sir ,

in my project i dont require to accept the voice commands or voice messages. the user interacts with the system using the telephone keypad. so my system need only to require to identify the DTMF tones send by telephone to the computer. once it identifies the key pressed by the user it must play the sound files corresponding to the key pressed and accept the dta entered by the user and store it in the database.

so i need only to require the recognize the key pressed by the user. so plz provide me some links which can help me in developing this

Please don't duel post. I've been researching your project with little progress on the specifics of it. I'm still researching, and I will let you know as soon as I find anything. For now, I will send you to this discussion to read what I have found so far. I will be deleting your last post, as it is a duplicate of this one.


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