im making a tool for a gamer to help others but it has 3 forms
1 appear - 2 and 3 are hide they can change but how i do that when 1 form closes all close ? no only form 1 to close cuz if others close they are hide and the program still running but hide.

Did you try the following?

Dim form1 As New Form

If you don't want to close the form and just hide it, use form1.Hide()

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i dunno i put it in form1 2 and 3 and still nothing T_T

Ok Solved thx zortec

ok is like this

Dim form As New Form

Private Sub Form1_Disposed(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Disposed
End Sub

you need to put that in all the Forms Dispose
or just get this code and copy and paste and where it says
Private Sub Form1_Disposed change it for any form u want
Private Sub Form2_Disposed or Private Sub Form3_Disposed
ir whatever