One of the requirements in a new project in VB is that 'it should good look'. Naturally the client doesn't have any clear idea about 'good looking apps' but wants it to look 'real good'. I can give it a XP style look using manifest, but I was wondering if there is any way to do better than that (but no third party controls, etc).

A couple of years ago, I saw a VB app at someone's place where the look of the app was quite different. For example, apart from the maximize, minimize & close buttons, rest of the title bar was invisible. The buttons were elliptical and colored, and some of the other controls too looked different. It was a VB app no doubt, it was running straight from the VB6 IDE, but the look was completely different. The person refusing to divulge the secret, answering my queries with a smug silence. A friend later suggested he was using something called a 'shell replacement', though what that is and other details he couldn't elaborate.

So does anyone have any experience or idea about creating 'good looking VB apps' ? No third party controls etc can be used. The app will run in different machines with different hardware/software configurations, so can't use any specialized stuff either.

its actually depend on your choice. need good idea for graphics. you can use wallpaper match with subject. color will also appreciate. other thing you can use activex control for your own choice. you can download some .ocx button file from net. it looking nice. various thing like, button, msgbox or other you can collect from net.

Check all properties of button , you will find out how to get elliptical , colored button.