i have a data base with StockBalance, EconomicOrQuality, Price, Unit, lasDateOfIss.
n i need to retrieve stock balance,price,unit,and data of last issue
in to a grid wive .
the condition is that the retrieving data records must be old more than 90 days from the system date.
i can retrieve the details but dont know how to have a condition like that.so plz help mee

StockBalance, EconomicOrQuality, Price, Unit, lasDateOfIss
are fields of "Additem" table

How do you determine the date of the item? The lasDateOf column? I have answered a similar thread about finding records regarding a payment date:

Here is an example of selecting all invoices older than 90 days:

Select *
From Invoice
Where OrderDate <= Cast(Floor(Cast(GetDate()-90 as float)) as datetime)

You need to provide more information about your table relationship and the table.column being used for age determination (date)

oo.k thanxx..i will check it