I want to add integer value in specify integer from mix character TextBox,

For eg, I have two TextBoxes first's name Textbox1 and second's name Textresult1

Textbox1.Text = "blabla 2 bla"

Now after a empty space and before a empty space i want to + 1 in integer value and it'll show in Textresult1 like this "blabla 3 bla"

Please Help.. Explain the full code for this, Thanks

Look at the split function and dynamic arrays. Also, see the val function and the join function...

Dim MyDynamicArray() As String
MyDynamicArray = Split(Text1.Text, " ")
MyDynamicArray(1) = CStr(Val(MyDynamicArray(1)) + 1)
Text2.Text = Join(MyDynamicArray, " ")

You also may want to look at IsNumeric to make your code more flexible.

Good Luck