hello ppl,

I need your small help regarding my approach..

Coding in :- VB.net
database:- Mssql2005

I have an web application(Changepoint a tool for project management) whose database is in mssql they have provided us the web service API's by which we can load the data into their database.
e.x. suppose we want to add the resource information i.e. name, payroll and the stuff like this...
we have to pass these values to the api and the api will do the rest.

We will receive a CSV file containing the info of resources...
my approach is ....(please correct me in this)

1> i will load the data into a temp table.
2> from my own created vb.net application ill read the data from that temp table with the help of datareader and pass it to the API's.

There will be no updation/insertion and deletion on the temp table.

am i going in the right direction ?
or there can be a better solution to this..?

If you don't have to validate any of the data before entering it (like we do here) you could probably skip the temp table and load directly from reading the file into memory and passing it to the API.

If you do have to validate any information or need multiple lines before being able to pass any information to the API then you're going in the right direction.