please helpe me :
i can't write a program ???????
consider the following list of countiers and capital :
Canada Ottawa
England London
India New delhi
Italy Roma
Japan Tokyo
Mexcico Mexico city
Chaina Beijing
United state washington
Russia Moscow
Germany Brlin

write c programming that will accept the name of a country as input and write out the corresponding capital , and vice versa . design the program so that it executes repetitvely,until thr word End is entered as input .

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Post what you can do and ask questions about what you can not do. Also tell us what compiler you are using.

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
   // write our program here


The problem u have is a very easy one...

First, u need to enter an input from the user..(The country or end)

Then ..u can use Switch case for assigning capitals to the country

And Put the switch in a while loop ... "end" begin condition for the termination of the while Loop..

Good LUCk :D

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