Hi guys,
Merry Christmas.

I created a program to delete duplicate songs from my computer. It is working nicely and for it to be really helpful I want to package it somehow so that I can give the software to my friends for use.

Now I know giving just the .exe file will not work on other computers ( no visual studio on my friends computers).

So can someone please tell me how I would go about creating what I need to accomplish my goal. I am guessing it will be like an installer or something on the lines of Windows Installer or Installshield, but I have no idea.

and yes, you can be the first to use my useful new software ;)
( kidding, I know there are many such things available, but I just wanted to create my own)

Err, my programs work perfectly well on other computers :/
Although they are CLI based, but it shouldn't make much difference ;)

Or, you can use a zipping program like WinZip to package your files up :)

Use Inno setup or nullsoft installer makers. If you have $$ I will say go for installshield
I have tried to pack my software previous with Inno, it is easy!

Make sure you compile the program(s) for release, not debug. You might also have to install one or more of Microsoft's dlls, they are located in a folder called redist in the compiler's install directory. On my computer they are here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\redist\x86\Microsoft.VC90.CRT