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Work long.
Work hard.
Work smart.

Pretty much like any other any other skill.

Oh, and it never hurts to have a friend, or in this case, a place, like DaniWeb, where you go to ask questions, get help, etc. You know, some one/place that respects you as long as you respect them.

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Damn straight!

Well, I never worked with C++ because I had to.

I always had programming as an interest, and by keeping making small applications which interests you, you soon reach the stage where you make giantic projects.

You could make

  • Program to spy on your sis
  • A notepad app for yourself
  • A leet password system where you have to type whats under your pillow
  • Improved notepad which features your previous leet password system
  • A cool and smart digital diary with 256-bit encrypted password for your sister..
  • The same diary as above, but this version sends you email with new diary pages for laughs
  • Something that beats MSN Messenger, for you and your friends to chat over (this one gets fun if you implement admin powers :D)

Well, just make what you think could be funny, but funny does not always equal being useable or making your millionary.

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