Dear All,
I have a bill to be printed on a size of 8.5 by 5.5. So I have set the both the left margin and right margin to 0 using the Design option followed by Page Setup. Then even in my code I have put this settings as below in my code too. The problem is that is appears fine in my crystal report preview but when it gets printed on the paper I have a left margin of 2 cm and with this all my contents does get to be viewed properly. So is there any solution to this. Just to add on I have set this paper size as a custom paper size and even there I did not set any margin left it all to 0.


PageMargins margins; 

margins = myReport.PrintOptions.PageMargins;

margins.bottomMargin = 0;

margins.leftMargin = 0;

margins.rightMargin = 0;

margins.topMargin = 0;


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If it appears ok in the preview, probably your problem is caused by the printer. Have you checked its settings?


Dear Lonelul,
Ok actually I am using the printer pannasonic kx-1131 dot matrix printer. So I have downloaded the driver and installed. On top of that I have build a custom form for it too by going to File->server Properties and creating a custom form with the size of 8.5 by 5.5 but then In my crystal report this form did not exist then I saw long time ago some on the internet asking to use the Kx-2023 driver so I am using this driver instead and the size appear. So any clue where I am going wrong just to add while creating the custom form I have put all the margins as 0.

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