1.write a progrm to initilize the integer, double and character type values in an array and then print their values on the sacreen?

2. write a program to calculate the average of n number&then compute the deviation of each number about the average

3.write a program to multiply a 5 * 5 matrix

solve these plzz these are initial programs of arrays n i want to learn it from beginning

Seriously? At 25 posts I would assume that you know how hostile we are toward leeches. If you really haven't experienced it, I'll be happy to verbally abuse you until you understand that we're not here to be your code slaves.

This is your 7th thread begging for help, and 25th post.
So far, I've yet to see ANY meaningful attempt at writing any code at all, and a hell of a lot of whining trying to get other people to do it for you.

My guess, you're already hopelessly behind on your course, and the only sensible thing to do now is to drop the course. If you're still interested (and have developed some work ethic in the meantime), perhaps consider enrolling on next years' course.

It's time to show some REAL effort, not copy/pastes of your assignment.

By effort, I mean something more that "int main" and a random bunch of statements.

i think so ur only counting my post. not others people who r also posting here for help. if u people have not abilty to learn others then u can only say that we have time to abuse others ..

>i think so ur only counting my post.
Yes, and you have enough posts to know how this community works.

>not others people who r also posting here for help.
They either don't have enough posts and fall under the understandable ignorance rule (in which case we inform them), or they know how to ask a smart question. You fit into neither category as far as I can tell.

>if u people have not abilty to learn others
Just because we refuse to help you doesn't mean we don't help others who deserve it. I think the problem is on your end, not ours.

Correct your attitude, correct your behavior, and you'll find us quite helpful.