/home/stefa/Projects/C++/evstevemd/Additions.h|7|error: expected class-name before ‘{’ token|
/home/stefa/Projects/C++/evstevemd/Additions.h|9|error: expected ‘)’ before ‘parent’|
||=== Build finished: 2 errors, 0 warnings ===|

Here is the file. Cpp file is empty. There is something wrong with My class and inheritance knowledge. What is wrong?


#include <wx/panel.h>
#include <wx/notebook.h>

class AdditionalWindows: public wxNoteBook{
        AdditionalWindows(*wxWindow parent);

        //make panels and return newly made panel
        //wxPanel OnMakePanel();



#endif //ADDITIONS_H

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There is no such class or structure named wxNoteBook.

>> expected class-name before
Is wxNoteBook a class ?

and shouldn't this

AdditionalWindows(*wxWindow parent);


AdditionalWindows(wxWindow* parent);


Sorry for late reply.
Actually I got tired after working 8 hours and do some hours of coding, I had to rest. May be I was too tired; but I wanted to Make class AdditionalWindow inheriting from wxnotbook, one of wxWidgets' classes.

I will try to recheck my code

Really this is kinda foolish error :embarrased:
The class is wxNotebook not wxNoteBook
I will check if it will give me more of this error but I guess problem should be over :)

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