I currently am working on a project for work that deals with WSDL.

The client has sent me the WSDL in XML form, so I was wondering can I even use this with VB .NET 2003 or do I have to use the "Add Web Reference" feature and add the WSDL as a URL or do I have to do this in another coding language via .net?

So I guess my questions are as follows:
Can I add a XML WSDL to my VB .Net 2003? (This is the main thing I am concerned about if its even possible)

If so does anyone know of a website that could give me an example?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, but what I really need to know if I can even use this XML they created in the project it self or if the refrence for it has to come via Link.

I actually have a .WSDL file to load into my Vb .Net 2003 project. Problem is now that I have it I still have no clue what to really do and how to go about coding for this .WSDL file.

>I actually have a .WSDL file.

Then use WSDL.EXE tool to create proxy service class

x:\xyz>wsdl /language:vb filename.wsdl

WSDL tool will create a xxxxservice.vb.