I am using MSHFlexgrid in VB 6.0 code and while adding data
to the grid i am getting the error "Invalid Row Value" run time
error no "30009". will anybody help me out !

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for add data, what code u use. plz post ur code.

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for add data, what code u use. plz post ur code.

Check the value assigned to mshflexgrid1.row at the time of error, it should not be greater than (one less than mshflexgrid1.rows) and should be valid integer/long.


While adding, you need to check if the Grid has got that many rows... say if the grid has 3 rows and you are trying to fill data in fourth row, then you will get error..
Try this
Grd.Rows = Grd.Rows+1


if you are using sql statements to fill your datagrid
you may use the following

Set adorsRAM = cn.Execute(sSQL)
    If Not adorsRAM.EOF Then
    Set msh.DataSource = adorsRAM
    msh.FormatString = "DATA No."
    For i = 1 To (msh.Rows - 1)
        msh.TextMatrix(i, 0) = i
    Next i
    msh.FixedCols = 1
    msh.FixedRows = 1
    msh.Rows = 2
    msh.Cols = 2
    msh.FormatString = "DATA No."
    MsgBox "No Records Found in DataGrid!"

here cn is the connection
ssql is the sql statement
adorsram is the adodb.recordset

you can try it
Happy Programming

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