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I am writing a program that needs the user to scan in documents using either adobe or the software provided by the scanner makers (such as travelscan pro, etc). My program needs to have have button that says "SCAN DOCUMENT", and when it is pressed I need the program to automatically scan the document and ask if there are any more pages to scan, then saves the documents in a static folder. I am not sure how to tackle this and I am hoping(praying) that VB will allow me to do this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Hi there

i was running through the same problem with my app which is quite similar to yours. my solution was to let Vb.net start the Windows Scanner and Camera wizard for the user once he/she presses the appropriate button. That should be


and then you can prompt the user with a message box asking him/her of he/she wants to scan another document or not, and if yes start the wizard again (you can put it in a while loop) like

While MessageBox.Show("Scan another document?", "Scan Result", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo) = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Yes
                End While

please let me know if this helps

you can e-mail me at abohmeed@gmail.com

Is there someone to help me scaning results from electromedical equipments such as MRI, CTSCAN, ULTRASOUND, X-RAY MACHINE etc.

Hi shankhan,
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