Until now, I've coded in Notepad++ and compiled/tested in my university Unix account.

This is getting tedious and inefficient, though. So, what can I do about it?

Notepad++ doesn't have a compiler or debugger. I was thinking about using Eclipse. Would that be a good, free option? Does it have a compiler and debugger?

What do you recommend?

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Get either Code::Blocks with MinGW compiler or VC++ 2008 Express, both are free. Which to use might depend on what compiler your university has.


Okay. So Eclipse is a no? My teacher actually recommended it over those two.


So use Eclipse then.

What AD recommended come with a compiler and IDE together, so you're good from the start.

Likewise, you could just download them just to use the respective compilers' and carry on using NP++.

AFAIK for Eclipse, you have to download and install a compiler as a separate step anyway, so you're basically in the same boat as with NP++. I might be wrong about that, there ought to be a compiler in an 80MB download ;)

There's nothing to stop you downloading all of them (I would actually recommend it). Neither NP++, C::B or Eclipse IDE's care about which compiler(s) you use, so long as you've set up appropriate configurations.

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